#3 Winnie Zhang


Age: 21

Hometown: Boston, MA

Ultimate Resumé:
Tufts EWO

What are you doing with your life?
I’m interning at the MA state treasurer’s office doing typical intern stuff (writing emails, doing research, taking buzzfeed quizzes). I’m majoring in political science and community health. And I choose to chartreuse.

Tell me what music gets you jazzed to play some disc sport.
Sunday Candy – Chance the Rapper

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An archaeologist because I loved digging up our front yard. I was convinced that I found the bottom of the earth one time but it was actually just a really big rock.

What is your greatest irrational fear?
Pretty much all of nature.

Food you could eat forever and always:

Favorite hashtag:

Your favorite siege:
The Siegification of Dorchester Heights (which is deceptively in South Boston, which is where I live, hehe)

What sport do you tell your roommates/coworkers/classmates you play?
To my mom: “I’m gonna go play ball.”


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