#28 Rachel Kramer


NASA (I sneeze like a rocketship.)
Roobacanosh (thanks Mom!)

Age: 21

Years Spent Sieging: 2

Ultimate Resumé:
Paideia School 2009-2013 (Captain 2012-2013)
Tufts EWO 2013-Present
Atlanta Outbreak 2014

Outside of ultimate…
I’m going to be a senior at Tufts University. I’m an Engineer and an Applied Math Major. I am currently interning in the systems department at Brown Brothers Harriman for the summer.

The dress is
Blue & black.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
Tough question. It’s meat between bread so why not? But as someone who doesn’t eat either thing don’t take my word for it.

Hogwarts House?

Claim to be good at:
Tying knots, diving off a diving board, cutting vegetables, swimming, doing back handsprings

Favorite siege:
Jojo’s Siege of her quesadillas with no hands



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