#9 Harriet Snow Booth


Age: 24

Hometown: Gill, MA

Ultimate Resumé:
Middle School: Four Rivers Charter School in Western MA
Brown University 2013
Northeastern Valkyries 2015-2016
WHUF (Woods Hole Ultimate Frisbee) 2011-2012
Darkwing 2013-2014

“Leadership” Position on Siege:
Note: Harriet is captain of something but as of yet it’s alluded us

What are you doing with your life?
I’m a 2nd year PhD student at Northeastern University, studying Marine Ecology

Tell me what music gets you jazzed to play some disc sport.
Remember the Name by Fort Minor will forever get me jazzed to do just about anything.

What is one thing in the entire universe that you can say you’re unequivocally better at than anyone else on the team?
Cuddling horseshoe crabs and pigs, identifying marine inverts and speaking Russian

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A carpenter (my dad got me my own little toolbelt and toolkit so I could build things next to him in our shed… adorable), also a brewer, and Jane Goodall, and a professional basketball player.

What celebrity do you most self-identify with?
Kevin Richardson (aka The Lion Whisperer, I want to be him)

What is your greatest irrational fear?
Monsters eating my toes when they dangle off the end of my bed

Tell me the nerdiest thing about yourself:
I remember numbers really well and am really good at memorizing just about anything. and my brain automatically counts everything, stairs, jump roping reps, etc. it just goes even when I don’t really mean to..awkward
And i love sci-fi, GoT, Patrick Rothfuss books, you name it

Food you could eat forever and always:
Smoked salmon and peas

Your favorite siege:
The Siege of Storm’s End, of course

Are you really good at any other kind of obscure competitive activity?
Table tennis. Yep. I was in the table tennis club at Brown… me and all the Asian boys. Also I rowed crew for 7 years in high school and college.

Celebrity crush?
Hugh Jackman

What is your spirit animal?
A wombat