#44 Jackie Booth


Age: 28

Years Spent Sieging: 3

Ultimate Resumé:
2003-2007 Andover High School (captained for 3 years… and our team name was the Golden Gophers—WHAT?)
2007-2011 Cornell Roses (3 years captain)
2010 2nd-Team Metro East All Region
2011 1st-Team Metro East All Region
2008 Magoozy (Ithaca Mixed team with sweet hoodie sleeveless jerseys)
2009 Bent
2010 Bermuda (Ithaca Mixed Team)
2011/2014 Ghosts
2012/2013 Brute Squad

Outside of ultimate…
I’m the Director of Product and Ad Operations at Draftkings

Favorite take on the classic PBJ:
I was allergic to Peanuts for 17 years. As of last summer, I can eat Peanuts and am really enjoying PB&J on crackers

AIM screenname:

Coffee should be:

And one more:
Jackie’s been playing with frisbees since she was 7—yes, SEVEN—years old, hangin’ out at NUTC as a kid