#42 Clara Stewart


Age: 17(!!!!)

Years Spent Sieging: 1

Ultimate Resumé:
I started playing pickup after 7th grade and started playing with my middle school team, the Ocelots, in 8th grade! I started my high school open teams a freshman with my class of 8th grade ocelots (that whole season we had a team of all freshmen and one sophomore) and captained the team during my sophomore and junior years! I won an All-State award for spirit last year.

Outside of ultimate…
Now that I’m done struggling through junior year I’m not sure what to do with my free time!!!
• I work at Otto Pizza in Arlington MA
• You can find me searching through Goodwill or Garment District or Buffalo exchange for some sweet threads that won’t make me broke
• Chilling at Walden Pond
• Running! I’ve got an intense love/hate relationship with running but I’ve managed to run two half marathons
• Curating my nalgene sticker game

Favorite take on the classic PBJ:
non-chunky Skippy’s peanut butter, grape jelly, whole wheat bread even though I don’t like it very much, in a plastic bag, on top of a mountain, slightly squished

AIM screenname:
never had one 🙂

Coffee should be:

And one more:
I’m the only Siege player born in the 2000s (wat), NUTC distance contest winner!