#42 Clara Stewart

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Age: 18

Years Spent Sieging: 2

College / High School:
Arlington High School – will be attending Northeastern University

Ultimate Resumé:
Started an open team and a girls team at Arlington High School
BUDA YCC 2016, 2017
U-20 US Women’s National Team 2018

Outside of ultimate…
Student!! Sometimes I work at a pizza place and sometimes at a small sign manufacturing company.

Favorite Throw:
Breakmark backhand swing in flow OR even just that fake

Hogwarts House:

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?  
Apple pie oreos which were weird because of how much they really did taste like apple pie

What secret talents do you have? 
I can shingle a roof!!

Current Go-To Pump Up Jam:
KOD by J.Cole

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