#38 Maggie Soto

Saggy Moto

Age: 23

Years Spent Sieging: 1

Ultimate Resumé:
Northeastern Valkyries

Outside of ultimate…
I’m writing my thesis for my MA in Political Science at Northeastern.

The dress is
White & gold.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
This is a very serious matter, so I’m glad it’s being formally addressed in this survey. As a hot dog connoisseur, I would argue that a hot dog is NOT a sandwich. Hot dogs are considered to be in their own category. Yes, the classic grilled hot dog with bun and some toppings of choice is where our mind floats… but let’s not forget the hot dog pieces we chop up into our mac and cheese (or salads? lol), the bacon wrapped kind or a pigs in a blanket. The bun is merely a vessel. Case closed. PS. Feel free to contact me about any hot dog related questions, I can be most easily reached at maggie.soto.3@gmail.com.

Hogwarts House?

Claim to be good at:
Dunking a basketball, running in high heels, cutting vegetables

Favorite siege:
Maggie hates sieges, i.e., she skipped this question on the survey