#33 Sam Gray

Sam G_baby


Age: 28

Years Spent Sieging: 6

High School / College / Grad School:
Northeastern University

Ultimate Resumé:
Northeastern Valkyries 2013-2017
Lions 2015
Wild Card 2016
P-Town 2017
Siege 2017-present

What do you do in real life?
Electrical Engineer in the Aerospace Industry

Favorite Throw:
Left backhand to Tracey Lum cutting upline

What “old person” thing(s) do you do? 
Crossword and coffee

What is your Avatar Bending type? 

Does pineapple belong on pizza? 

What is a hot take you have?
Parsley is the best herb
Lunch is the best meal of the day. Breakfast is the worst.
You can’t mix two ice cream flavors, that is a heinous crime

Current Go-To Pump Up Jam:
Phone by Lizzo

Sam G_ulti