#27 Courtney Remm

C-Money, but no one actually calls me this

Age: 29

Years Spent Sieging: 2

Ultimate Resumé:
• 2005: During freshman orientation week, a random dude on the quad roped me into going to an ultimate practice in exchange for free pizza. I am still friends with him to this day
• 2005-2009: Drexel University. We didn’t have a team name, we were 90% an open team except for that one mixed tournament we went to every fall to appease…me
• 2008: The last year my college team won a trophy at Wildwood
• 2009-2010: I played mixed in Buffalo, NY
• 2011: Team Spirit Award winner at Fool’s Fest
• 2012-2014: Various women’s & mixed teams in Boston
• 2013: I was gifted a can of dog food as a game MVP award at Potlatch
• 2014: I went to Hopu Ka Lewa & wore the same bedsheet as a toga for 3 days
• 2015: My Fool’s Fest team recreated Calvinball, and it was the greatest time ever
• 2016: I have received no fewer than 3 beer koozies as spirit awards at various tournaments, YTD

Outside of ultimate…
I’m a designer at a digital agency downtown. I spend a lot of my free time securing our team primo spots to eat dinner at all of our tournaments, having to appease not only gluten-free peeps and vegetarians but also Mellis, who sticks to chicken fingers, pasta and pizza.

The dress is
Blue & black.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
No. A hot dog is in a class of its own. While one may argue that because it is meat between bread, or what have you, the motion of eating a hot dog is not at all similar to eating a sandwich. When I eat a hot dog I hold it in two hands, and in an attempt to not spill the toppings off, turn my head to the side to eat it. With sandwiches, I do not do this. I can eat it one handed (most of the time), and I keep my head straight up. Additionally the top bread covers all the condiments.

Hogwarts House?

Claim to be good at:
Tying knots, running in high heels, driving stick shift, ice skating, cutting vegetables

Favorite siege:
Siege of Hogwarts