#18 Julia “JJ” Johnson

“Not that West Coast Julia Johnson”

Age: 23

Years Spent Sieging: 1

Ultimate Resumé:
UMass Women’s Ultimate 2014-2017
Worcester Buda Hat League 2015 Team 3 MVP (I won a koozie that read “Keep Calm and Play Ultimate” but am currently unsure of its location)

Outside of ultimate…
Studying for the Registered Nurse exam, enjoying quality time with my chihuahua and her diabetes, making breakfast burritos and watching “Giada at Home”

Favorite take on the classic PBJ:
Oatmeal bread, Teddy peanut butter and blueberry jam

AIM screenname:
jawnxsun (a clever play on words of my last name that my 7th grade self invented)

Coffee should be:

And one more:
She’s descended from wolves. No joke.

Longest mark in the division, I tell ya