#15 Laura Fradin

Laura Fradin_4


Age: 24

Years Spent Sieging: 3

College / High School:
Tufts University

Ultimate Resumé:
East Chapel Hill High School 2009-2012
TYUL YCC 2009-2012
Tufts Ewo 2012-2016
NE All-Region 2015, 2016

Outside of ultimate…
I’m the Education Specialist at the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach. Basically I teach engineering to students K-12 and work with undergrads and teachers to do the same.

Favorite Throw:
Backhand Huck

Hogwarts House:

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?  
When I was 4 my friend convinced me that dog biscuits taste delicious. She lied.

What secret talents do you have? 
a) i can draw/paint b) can bake like a champ c) can also do that clover thing with my tongue

Current Go-To Pump Up Jam:
I’m always up for ACDC

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Laura Fradin_3