#00 Tulsa Douglas

Age: 20

Years Spent Sieging: 1

Ultimate Resumé:
Amherst Regional High School
St. Olaf College

Outside of ultimate…
I just finished my sophomore year as an Exercise Science and Psychology major at St. Olaf College, and I coach at NUTC!

The dress is
Blue & black.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
I’m really torn about this. At first I thought a hot dog wasn’t a sandwich because it’s only one piece of bread but then I thought about how sometimes I make PB&J sandwiches that are fold-overs with only one piece of bread… I really don’t want a hot dog to be a sandwich though.

Hogwarts House?

Claim to be good at:
Tying knots, roller skating, running in high heels, driving stick shift, divingoff a diving board, ice skating, cutting vegetables, swimming, changing the oil on a car, juggling

Favorite siege:
Siege of Nice